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East meets West therapies
 The Cupping Therapy
it is called a new natural therapy in 21st century(vacuum drawing blood method)
allowing the cuooing device sucked on the surface acupoints of the  body to cause local copngestion which can promote frce passage  in human channels and collaterals  expel coldness-evil and remove toxins and strenthen human bodyoete

minutes : 70

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue work can be added to any massage to unsnarl those trigger points in the body. Stimulates energy, and allows the natural flow of oxygen to the blood. Recommended for those who are accustomed to intense massage. Be sure to tell your massage therapist how much pressure you prefer.

minutes:30       60       90        120  

             $45   $65    $100    $130

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Relieves everyday stress that has your neck and shoulders tied in knots. Targets specific areas to release muscle tension and increase circulation.

minutes:     30      60

                  $45   $65

Aroma oil therapy Massage         

The therapist applies a custom blend of essential aromatic oils to relax and energize the body.  

Minutes:    60      90

                 $75    $100


Sports Massage with pain Releif

The treatment involves systematic manipulation of the soft tissues, using a combination of advanced massage techniques( Gua Sha,Cupping)that go beyond the superficial muscle layer to realign muscle fibres, break up adhesions and rehabilitate injuries. This is rarely a full-body treatment.

minutes:     60         90

                 $75     $110



This Native American Massage uses stones to penetrate heat into the muscles. Stone patterns are custom designed by the therapist to enhance tissue and muscle massage. Reach a deep meditative state and leave feeling balanced and connected.

minutes:   60    90

                $90   $130




This experience is for two who want to share the massage experience side by side in our couple’s suite. (Please request couple’s suite at time of booking) 

minutes:   60      90

               $170   $190

                                   (Couple room)